1. A Shiny White Kitchen

After almost seven years of debating it, I finally have a shiny white kitchen. My kitchen cabinets repainted in high gloss white. The cabinets are old and scratched in places. the new paint hides the imperfections in some instances and highlights them other. Other than the paint nothing else in the kitchen has changed. Still the same cracked stove, the noisy vent, the ginormous microwave that hogs the counter, and the refrigerator that is slightly too large for the nook it is in. A white kitchen is an odd and impractical choice for an Indian household. It's a kitchen that sees a lot of spilled spices, including the dreaded turmeric. It's anti-inflammatory powers are legendary; so is it's ability to stain almost anything. My husband is predicting stained cabinets in less than a week. Even with those flaws, I am loving the new/old kitchen. It feels like a fresh start. Makes me feel like I can do anything. Finally lose weight. Improve my marriage. Cook a new dish everyday.